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Zencoder Provides Fast Transcoding for Movies on Spuul

The Spuul app allows users to watch movies while downloading them. The app competes with Netflix in the Indian market, and Reliance Entertainment, which owns Sony Entertainment TV, relaunched its BIGFlix movie streaming service. BIGFlix offers a small selection of movies in the Hindi language, but users are required to pay for access. Users collect coins by watching free movie clips to watch a full-length movie. Movies can be watched for up to 24 hours, and they can’t be recorded.

The Spuul app has been gaining popularity in India recently, thanks to its seamless movie streaming experience. The app has more than 47 million registered users and provides streaming access to films, TV shows, and short films from around the world. For international viewers, Spuul also offers English subtitles to movies. Movies and shows are also rated by the number of people watching them. The company has become a key player in the Indian market, and many people are already hooked. nobkin 

Zencoder has provided Spuul with industry-leading reliability and fast transcoding. Zencoder’s multi-device strategy supports all connected devices. The Zencoder API enables the streaming company to scale operations in the cloud, allowing it to meet the demands of its growing user base. With Zencoder’s decentralized cloud infrastructure, Spuul can easily scale its transcoding needs to suit its business. With the help of this new encoding technology, Spuul is able to offer a better user experience to their users .

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