Why Are There No Muslim Actors on Game of Thrones?

Despite the popularity of Game of Thrones, there are no Muslim actors on the popular TV series. So why is that? Listed below are some reasons. Listed first is the lack of Muslims on the show. Also, no Muslim actresses or actors appear on the show. Then there is the fact that the creators of the series are Jewish. They may be able to explain the lack of Muslim representation in the show.

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In a recent study, the Ford Foundation funded the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at the University of Southern California. The findings confirm Ahmed’s concerns. Although there are few Muslims on the show, it is rare to find them in roles where Muslims play a central role. The study found that there were only six films in which a Muslim character had a lead role – two of which had a female co-star. In addition, only 2% of the main characters were Muslim, and many of the secondary ones spoke with a strong accent.

The lack of representation of Muslims on TV shows and movies is concerning. Despite the push to tackle racism and sexism in Hollywood, it remains silent on how Muslims are treated on the show. Riz Ahmed, the Oscar nominated actor, has repeatedly criticized the lack of representation in Hollywood and is looking for hard data to answer the question. In November, he partnered with the USC Annenberg Institute to launch a study that addresses the lack of representation of Muslims on TV and in the media.

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