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Who Do You Think is the Best Actress on Game of Thrones?

The award-winning fantasy series has an enormous ensemble cast, and it’s no wonder the show has received so many Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Fans are captivated by the scheming, heartbreaking characters, and the show’s stunning production values. Which actress do you think is the best actress on Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments below! We are curious to know: Who do you think is the best actress on Game of Thrones?

Diana Rigg: One of the most fascinating women in TV today, Diana Rigg played a matriarchal character in GoT. After starring in The Avengers, Rigg quickly became a pinup. She was an expert in martial arts and even became a Bond girl. Rigg’s character is enticing and mysterious, and she brings a great deal of energy to her role.

Maisie Williams: Despite the tragic ending of Season 7, Williams’s performance as Catelyn Stark earned her the title of “Best Actress on Game of Thrones.” Her character is an unlikable woman, but she made the character work despite the bad writing. Williams is one of the best British actresses of her generation. The show has lasted eight seasons and has a dedicated following.

Maisie Williams: The best actress on “Game of Thrones” is no stranger to praise. The character’s arc spanned several seasons, and she has gotten more layered with each season. Maisie Williams’ Arya Stark grew up in the show over the course of the series, and her acting has become even more impressive with each passing season. She is the perfect portrayal of the vengeful and dangerous character.

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