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Which TV Series Starred Nick Nolte As Tom Jordache?

Which TV series starred Nick Nolte as Tom Jordache? Tom is a character from “The Sopranos,” an acclaimed television drama series. He plays a young man who saves his brother’s drunken wife from the clutches of Falconetti, played by William Smith. Although the two are never romantically involved, the sexy boxer is a popular attraction to Julie.

The second series starring Nolte was “Rich Man, Poor Man”, which aired on ABC from 1 February to 15 March 1976. Based on the novel by Irwin Shaw, it focused on a wealthy family’s turbulent life. The show’s protagonist, Rudy (Peter Strauss), was a well-educated businessman, and his brother, Tom (Nick Nolte), a poor man, had rebellious tendencies. The series ended with Rudy and Falconetti being shot.

After a successful run as the star of a popular crime drama, Nolte returned to Hollywood for the lead role in the historical crime drama “Gangster Squad”. Nolte also starred in the family drama “Hateship Loveship” and the television miniseries “Gracepoint.” Nolte’s first credited role was in the 1975 drama “Macon County Line.” Though it was critical-lamented, Nolte’s acting earned him high praise. Nolte also starred opposite Robert Redford in the comedy “A Walk in the Woods.” In 2016, Nolte appeared in the satirical drama, “Greed.”

Throughout his career, Nolte has carved out an impressive list of roles. His most memorable performances came in complex roles. In “Rich Man, Poor Man,” Nolte won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the down-and-out boxer, Tom Jordache. In the series’ Newshunttimes sequel, “North Dallas Forty,” Nolte gained further recognition and box office success.

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