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What is the Lifestyle of a Doctor During the Residency?

Many people wonder, “What is the lifestyle of a doctor during the residencies?” After all, postgraduate training doesn’t leave much time for sleep. But the lifestyle of a doctor isn’t all about working eight hours a day. During his residency, Dr. Bergin volunteered to stay on call at night for interesting cases. As a result, he spent most of his first six months sleeping only six to eight hours a night. Thankfully, his schedule changed after his third year so he could enjoy the sunshine of a sunny day.

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While attending residency, doctors develop a variety of new habits. Self-care habits are vital for residents to succeed and transition to a new environment. Practicing these habits helps residents transition well, and Dr. Yates recommends that residents exercise and take breaks from the practice of medicine. Dr. Auseon also recommends incorporating meditation and yoga to stay focused and reduce stress. For residents, the pandemic has added to the stress of a residency. Luckily, Dr. Auseon recommends taking time out to relax and do some other things that are important for their health.

During the residency, residents will work long hours and are often short on free time. Finding time to study and get exercise can be challenging. Luckily, the Association of American Medical Colleges offers helpful advice and tips to help residents balance work, exercise, and study. While there may be no time for the latter, it’s important to take the time to set goals and to be prepared for anything.

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