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What Happened to Barba in Law and Order: SVU?

What happened to Barba in Law and Order: SVU? The question has always plagued viewers. The show’s producers have never fully explained the absence of the character on the show, and there are plenty of theories. But the most popular theory of all involves Barba’s death. After the series ended, Barba’s death was attributed to a case in which she had represented a man accused of murdering a woman. The episode also featured the death of a rapist, and the murder of his girlfriend. The episode featured Barba and her final appearance in SVU.

Fans are also wondering if the show will include a post-Barbara episode where she dies. This is an interesting theory, but it’s unlikely that Barba would die in the same episode as her character. She grew up in the Bronx and attended Harvard University on a scholarship. Regardless of the theory, it seems likely that Barba’s return to the show will mark an important turning point in the Elliot-Oliva romance.

In the episode, Barba’s best work comes from prosecuting David Willard, a rape and murder suspect. In fact, the episode focuses on this case as much as the aforementioned episode. As a result, he is a crucial part of the case, and will almost certainly come back. In the season finale, however, Barba is given a scathingly bad case.

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