What Does Retail Staff Do at GameStop?

What does a retail employee do at GameStop? Among other things, these employees sell video games. GameStop sales associates must hit certain sales quotas for the store. Some of these associates even have to talk up certain editions of games. The job description below outlines some of the common tasks of a GameStop retail employee. Read on to learn more about these responsibilities!

Keeping everything in the store arranged alphabetically is part of the job description. Store managers typically put pressure on associates to meet sales targets during the slow season between holiday sales and the end of the year. This causes high turnover. Many employees are unable to request holiday leave before or after major holidays. In the case of seasonal workers, they can’t ask for any holiday leave during these months. That means that many GameStop associates must work 60 or more hours a week.

Employees at GameStop need to know a lot about new games. This is because employees are responsible for answering questions about upcoming games and their prices. However, GameStop retail workers may not always get first dibs on the latest games. However, if they are knowledgeable about new releases, they can help customers. They must also know when a game will be available, the release date and edition costs.

Assistant Store Managers support the Store Manager. They help the Store Manager and ensure that customers receive friendly service. They help customers choose products and handle returns. They also help maintain the store’s cleanliness and merchandise, and supervise up to 5 Game Advisors. This position also requires some responsibility and training. While most retail staff members work in retail, some have managerial responsibilities. In some positions, they are responsible for the management of multiple stores.

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