The importance of choosing the right material for your custom labels

When it comes to custom labels, the material you choose is extremely important. The wrong material can lead to a number of problems, such as: the label peeling or coming off the item it’s attached to, the ink running or smearing, the label not being waterproof or weatherproof, and more. Here are five reasons why choosing the right material is so important for your custom labels.

1. The wrong material can ruin the appearance of your labels

If you choose the wrong material for your custom labels, it can ruin their appearance. Some materials and their adhesives are prone to peeling or coming off the item they’re attached to, while others may cause the ink to run or smear. There are some amazing material available, but they might just not work with your design or product.

2. It might make your labels difficult to read

If your customers can’t read your labels, then they’re not doing their job. They might not be able to identify your products, which could lead to them buying a different product or even returning your items. Additionally, if you’re using your labels for packaging or for safety purposes, such as with hazardous materials, it’s important that they are legible so that people know how to handle them properly. .

3. Unsuitable material impacts the durability of your labels

The wrong material can also negatively impact the durability of your labels. Some materials are not as strong as others and can tear or rip easily. Others may not be able to withstand extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals, which can lead to the label fading. To avoid this, think of all the possible ways your products will be used – in the shower, the kitchen or outdoors? Then you definitely need waterproof labels.

4. The wrong material can be expensive in the long run

If you choose a material that is not right for your custom labels, it can end up costing you more money in the long run. You may have to replace your labels more often, or you may need to purchase special adhesives or other materials to get the labels to stick. Or, worst case scenario, you could lose out on precious sales.

5. It represents your brand the wrong way

When you choose the right material for your custom labels, it reflects your brand in the best way possible. It shows that you care about the products you’re selling and that you want to present them in the best light possible. Additionally, it can help strengthen your branding by creating a visual association between your product and your company name or logo.

Choosing the right material for your custom labels is essential to ensuring their effectiveness. If you’re not sure which material is right for your labels, contact a professional label printer. They will be able to help you choose the right material based on your specific needs.

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