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Saddest Law and Order SVU Episodes

“SVU” does a good job of balancing the different types of crime that it portrays. At the start of the episode, the audience may think that they’re watching a scene from a heist or murder, but the show switches gears and focuses on another set of criminals. The crew is tasked with investigating underage prostitution, sex trafficking, and even an upstanding citizen who is involved.

Season 7 Episode 3 “Heartfelt Passages” was the saddest Law & Order SVU episode I’ve seen. The main character, Mike Dodds, was battling his disapproval from his father. As a result, he was killed while protecting a domestic violence victim. This episode left the audience heartbroken. While the episode featured an intense crime scene, it was also very moving.

“Sex Trafficking in the United States” is an episode about a sex trafficking operation that is deeply embedded in the police department, Catholic Church, and government. The SVU team must work fast to solve this case as the sex trafficking organization grows in size and reach. The team also has to deal with the cult leader and a multi-million dollar trust fund.

“Suicide in New York” is another sad episode of the show. In this episode, the SVU detectives must solve a case involving a prostitute. In the episode, an Oscar-winning actress, Patricia Arquette, plays Jeannie Kerns, a sex worker at the center of the crime. While she tries to get out of the criminals, her complicated life leads to the police investigating her life.

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