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Dubai the master planned community with an elaborate plan that covers an extensive space of close to eleven million square feet. This includes housing units of all kinds, as well as amenities like hotels, shopping centers gardens, sports facilities, and many other amenities that can be beneficial to families which makes it a family-friendly community.

The mega-development is the result of a partnership with two of the most renowned property developers from Dubai and is an excellent residential and investment opportunity for individuals because of numerous advantages which make it a distinct development that has excellent potential. If you are looking for a property in Dubai to convert into a family home or perhaps an investment property in Dubai, Fam Properties is here to help you through the process and ensure you have plenty of time.

Top Reasons to Buy Villas for Sale in Dubai:


Location is among the primary factors that buyers consider when deciding on a new house. It is crucial to pick a spot which is close to places that you visit frequently, and that will make it easier to save time. Time that you could spend doing the things that you love. Dubai Hills villas for sale are located in the south-west of MBR city and is a fresh location with excellent prospects within the city.

Great Amenities

Dubai Hills villas are provided with top quality facilities, so residents will have everything they require in their vicinity. From fitness-focused areas, facilities, pools green spaces, parks and pools to a golf course that is championship.

Safe neighborhood

Dubai Hills villas for sale are characterized by a high level of security as they are located in a highly secure neighborhood with numerous security features which are specifically designed in place to give residents assurance that their homes and families are safe in all circumstances and that they can spend their time indoors and out in the secured community.

Well-thought-out Layouts

Dubai Hills villas for sale are designed with thought-provoking layouts that get the most of the space, allowing residents a great flow. A well-planned layout will allow people to travel around your house without difficulty and utilize every space in it daily.

A little artistic flair

The interior design lines that are set to be used for Dubai Hills villas are very elegant and tidy. Each room at this prestigious development features contemporary design that aims to provide a cozy and attractive space you’d love spending time in.

A place of privacy like no other

When you think of villas, privacy is what comes to your mind. Dubai Hills villas are the kind of homes that offer the best privacy you could ever get. They come with your own private outdoor space as well as parking spaces and windows that can open to your private garden, meaning that you will be able to take in the sunshine throughout the day without having to compromise your privacy.

A good investment

A home that is located in secure, gated communities increases the value of your property in addition, Dubai Hills villas provide countless amenities that make it a popular choice to many.

Our knowledgeable team with Driven Properties will give you the guidance you require for making the right choice to purchase the house that you have always wanted. Also, we are delighted to provide you with the advice you require to find the villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah.

FAQ’S on Villas for Sale in Dubai

Can foreigners purchase houses located in Dubai?

Yes, expats can to buy villas and other property within the freehold areas that are designated in Dubai. Foreigners are also able to obtain leasehold rights the duration of up to 99 years within these zones.

What amount of money do I require to buy a home within Dubai?

For residents the minimum down payment for a home is 20%. For foreigners that is, it’s 25 percent. It is also subject to change based on the value and the intended usage of the house.

Do you think it is wise to invest in homes in Dubai?

A villa investment can be highly profitable, even if don’t intend to reside there for long and are planning to lease the property out. Villas located in Dubai are sought-after by many, and they can provide an ongoing stream of rental income as well as a decent return on investment.

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