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Play at Home Games Are Free Forever

Sony’s Play at Home initiative was a huge success last spring, giving PlayStation owners two free games to play during a quarantine or lockdown. The initiative was revived this year and has even expanded. Sony is giving away free games and perks until June. Here’s what’s in store for you. You can get a copy of the new version of the game for free, plus a whole lot of other goodies.

PlayStation recently announced a new initiative called Play at Home, where they will give away free games to PlayStation fans as a thank-you for their support. The goal of the program is to encourage PlayStation users to play video games at home to keep them safe. One of the games made available through the Play at Home program is Horizon Zero Dawn. PlayStation players will be able to keep the free copy of this game forever. If you’re interested, get it now before the price increases.

Sony recently made a game available for free on PlayStation. The game is a PlayStation classic, and you can download it for free on the PlayStation Store. It’s also separate from Sony’s monthly free PS Plus games. You must have a PlayStation Network account to download Play At Home games, but it’s free to create one. It’s also free to redeem these games. If you’re thinking of buying these games, be sure to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

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