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The NFL season is almost upon us, and the first few games of the year are sure to be exciting. Two of the most important divisions in football are the AFC and NFC, so the first week of the season could be crucial. The AFC South and NFC West teams will both play each other, and in 2021, the AFC East and NFC North will play each other. The AFC will get an extra home game in 2022, and the NFC will get an extra game in 2021.

The NFL season schedule is based on division rankings from the previous season. In addition to games against other teams in the same conference, each team also plays a game against a non-conference opponent. There are 17 games in total, but the final weekend is reserved for intra-division games.

The Bengals are on the right track, as they have won two of their last three games. The offense has started to play better and they should be able to make some plays against a poor Ravens defense. I think Joe Burrow will win a shootout with Lamar Jackson and the Bengals will become the first team to reach 35 wins.

The Dallas Cowboys host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2021 NFL season opener. The Buccaneers won the previous season, but they have been struggling due to offensive line injuries in the offseason. This game could be an early preview of the Super Bowl 57.


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