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Is Social Media Marketing Really Free?

Many self-proclaimed “social media gurus” will tell you that social media marketing is free. But is it really? How can you reach an audience for free? It’s true that creating a profile on these sites is free, but you’ll need to invest time to engage with your followers. Also, social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn limit how far you can reach your audience without paying for ads.

In addition to content creation, social media marketing is not free. It requires a certain level of ongoing attention, as well as specialized tools and lots of content. Free social marketing is impossible without a consistent stream of content, which can range from curating links to creating videos and shareable images. Creating content, especially video content, is essential to the success of social marketing campaigns. Regardless of how much you can spend on social media, you can get a great return on your marketing investment by combining it with a few free tools.

Social media is a great way to connect with your patients, but it takes work. After checking basic marketing basics such as a website, local SEO, and online reviews, you can consider adding social media to your marketing strategy. However, this type of marketing has its downsides. Before you make the leap, make sure you understand what to expect and what you should expect. If you do invest in social media, you will reap the rewards, but be prepared for a fair share of negative consequences.

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