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How to Write Lyrics for a Reggae Song

A key factor in writing a reggae song is finding a melody. A basic tune, such as 4/4, will have basic tones without any shouting or high notes. While there is a place for seventh chords, most reggae songs do not require them. The focus of a reggae song is on the chords, so write your lyrics around these. Accented beats should be written in musical “stabs”. Alternating quarter and eighth notes creates the typical backbeat found in reggae anxnr.com.

To create a compelling first verse, consider using phrases that are found in the chorus. These can be familiar and appealing to listeners. Incorporate these phrases into the first verse. Keep the subject matter consistent throughout the song, and make it sound more appealing to a wider audience. The second verse should build on the first, and continue the same message or theme. The first verse should grab the listener’s attention.

Once you have your idea, write it down. Writing is an excellent way to get your creative juices flowing. Write as if you’re speaking to a select group of people. You will be more likely to get inspired by a subject you’re familiar with. Once you’ve got an idea, the next step is to find a backing track for your song. Then, you’ll have a song that’s truly yours.

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