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How Far Can Google Home Hear You?

As the centerpiece of Google’s Connected Home vision, the Google Assistant can hear and respond to your commands from a distance of up to thirty feet. This makes it the perfect companion to your smartphone, but what is its maximum range? The following article answers this question and provides a detailed walkthrough of its capabilities. You can also download a trial version of the Google Home and see how it works for yourself.

A loud TV or appliance can muffle the sound from your voice. Having a Google Home Mini next to a loud TV will likely cause it to not hear you. Google Home Mini can’t differentiate between your voice and the sound of the TV, so make sure to place it away from these items. Likewise, avoid placing it near microwaves, which produce strong radio waves that can interfere with its microphone. In addition, because Google Home Mini uses Wi-Fi to respond and collect data, it shouldn’t be placed in an area with strong Wi-Fi signals. You can visit here to know about the Xfinity Security System.

A recent bug in the Google Home Mini caused it to constantly record. Google patched the bug, but it raised privacy and trust issues with Google Assistant. Meanwhile, a hacker discovered potential vulnerabilities in the Google Home Hub’s code, allowing him to reset the device and modify its notification settings. Google quickly reacted to the issue, calling the hacker’s claims inaccurate. The Google Home Mini’s battery life may be limited, but the device’s overall performance will remain high.

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