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When does the NFL season start? The regular season begins Sept. 8 and ends on January 8, 2023. The schedule includes games against other teams from within the conference as well as non-conference opponents. The divisional rankings are also included in the schedule. The NFL also schedules a non-conference game against a team that is not in a team’s conference.

The first games will be played between September 8 and September 12. Week one will feature the season opener for all 32 teams. Week 1 will include Sunday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and a full slate of games during the day on Sunday. In addition, there will be a full schedule of games for Week 2 of the regular season.

This week also features a few games that should be of interest for fans. The Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans will play a week after each other, which could be an early AFC playoff game. The game could determine who will get home-field advantage in the playoffs. Six days after the Bills game, the Titans will play the Kansas City Chiefs, which has been a real handful for the Chiefs over the past few years. The Chiefs, who have lost two straight games, will be on high alert for this matchup.

There are some changes coming to the broadcasting of the NFL. NBC and CBS will re-staff their broadcasts. In addition, Sunday Night Football will be played on Fox, while ABC and NBC will cross-flex with ESPN. In addition, Fox Deportes will broadcast select games in Spanish. On the other hand, Telemundo will air select NBC and Fox games.


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