Can You Use a Portable Charger For a Google Home Mini?

When you travel, you may want to charge your Google Home Mini on the go. There are several different options available, including a portable charger. A USB cable is a convenient option, but the USB power cord is awkward and bulky. You may also wish to invest in a wall outlet adapter, which you can purchase separately. If you don’t have a wall outlet, you can purchase a Google Home Mini outlet wall mount, which attaches to the bottom of your device. This will provide up to eight hours of cord-free use flowerstips.

Another option is a portable battery base, like the Ninety7 JOT Portable Battery Base. This battery base contains a 5000mAh lithium-ion battery and gives your Google Home Mini up to 8 hours of untethered use. Be sure to use a cable designed for Google Home Mini charging. A portable charger may not fit the plug on your Google Home Mini sccbuzz.

If you are concerned about space, there are some wall mounts that can keep your Google Home Mini in a vertical position. A Google Home Mini mount is shock-proof, and can protect your Google Home Mini from damage. The base is compatible with both a USB and AC wall outlet. It can also be used to mount your portable charger in a horizontal position. And if you’re looking for a wall mount for your Google Home Mini, you can choose from black and white options musicalnepal.

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