Best-Actuated Game of Thrones Villains

In the popular series, Tywin Lannister is arguably the best-acted Game of Thrones villain. He was a ruthless political figure, motivated by the lust for power. Tywin’s death was heartbreaking, and his ruthless character was truly missed. But despite the violence, Tywin was an incredibly fascinating and complex character. Charles Dance’s portrayal of Tywin was both sexy and badass.

The best-acted Game of Thrones villains have always been the characters that are played by the best actors in the series. From the incredibly creepy Cersei Lannister to the heartless Walder Frey, these characters have left audiences enthralled. Here are some of their best moments:

Cersei Lannister: Headey’s performance made her character so human. The character was already a complex figure, but Headey brought more nuance to it than other Game of Thrones villains. Before season eight, Cersei was also one of the best-written characters. Ultimately, the television version of Cersei was better than the book version. If you can’t choose your favorite, go with the best-acted Game of Thrones villain!

Conleth Hill: Although the Game of Thrones series is short on villains, the actors who play them are worth a mention. The character of Varys is not one of the most likeable, but Conleth Hill’s performance made him lovable. The character was often very hard to understand, but Hill made it possible by bridging the gap between the characters’ personalities. He was truly an enigma, and he embodied the character perfectly.

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